• Magician Rich Ferguson, AKA "The Ice Breaker" Testimonial

    As a professional magician and prankster, Pivothead glasses are invaluable for secretly capturing moments without intrusive, obvious or distracting cameras. The video and audio quality is like magic! I love these things!

    - Magician Rich Ferguson, AKA "The Ice Breaker" 

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  • Souix St. Marie Police Department Testimonial

    I have suggested them for the drunk driving unit. The video would be invaluable in detecting impaired drivers and taking it to court. I am going to work hard to get you some business down here for you. Just let me convince our bosses that they will be a good tool and perhaps I can get you a bulk order. I personally love them

    - Souix St. Marie Police Department 

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  • University of Iowa Jet Team Testimonial

    We have used the Pivothead Durango glasses on a Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) who was inserted into a training area using a helicopter. The Pivothead glasses recorded the events that the JTAC experienced from his viewpoint in 1080p high-definition. The Pivothead system is almost completely unobtrusive and does not interfere with dismounted operations as we have demonstrated.

    - University of Iowa Jet Team

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  • Palos Heights Police Department Testimonial

    Got word you had inquired on how the equipment had been working out thus far.  So far so good.  Smaller agency so we don’t use them every day, however we have officers assigned to narcotics squads and they and we know they are also there for any situations that would arise surveillance wise as well.  Thanks again for the great product and will let you know of any success stories.

    - Palos Heights Police Department

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  • Peter Gergely Executive Producer, Yankees Productions Testimonial

    We used Pivothead technology extensively during Spring Training this year.  The content we created from the footage gives viewers an incredibly unique and high quality perspective rarely seen in professional baseball.  It gives fans the virtual experience of being in a player’s shoes.  The feedback from the athletes was extremely positive and some players even asked for their own personal pair.   We are excited to continue using Pivothead in various productions throughout the 2013 season and beyond.

    - Peter Gergely  Executive Producer, Yankees

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  • Mikey Poke'Master Ellison's Testimonial

    Finally got my pair of glass! So excited to start filming and posting videos!

    - Mikey Poke'Master Ellison

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  • Jay Levine's Testimonial

    Just received my Pivothead Aurora Glasses!! SO SICK!!!

    - Jay Levine

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  • Samuel Groves' Testimonial

    I got the MOAB ICE glasses that I won.THANKS AGAIN!!!!-I used them today,and they are AWESOME!.I can't wait to use them fishing.

    - Samuel Groves

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  • LA Times' Testimonial

    A great idea, ingeniously executed. A very stylish, natural, unobtrusive place for a camera. You don't have to stop to fish out equipment.

    - LA Times

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  • Graham Sherman's Testimonial

    Had never heard of your product but it looks friggin amazing!! hero3 purchase officially on hold!

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  • Sean Allen's Testimonial

    "Suddenly GoPro seems obsolete"

    -  Sean Allen

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  • Patrick Fay's Testimonial

    “Thanks, I bought 3 pair the other day. Now we’ll have a whole fleet!”

    - Patrick Fay

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  • Dave Dellwardt's Testimonial

    Got mine on Tuesday, been playing ever since. These things ROCK!”

    - Dave Dellwardt

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  • Len Clark's Testimonial

    “Coolest gadget I have ever used!”

    - Len Clark

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  • Steve Maslow's Testimonial

    “These glasses and the videos are awesome!!”

    - Steve Maslow

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  • Veronica Grey's Testimonial

    "In the 'Social Network' movie about how Facebook was born, during its inception, they wanted to keep Facebook free because "we don't even know yet what this thing is. Basically it is cool" and it is this same cool factor that makes Pivothead priceless - we don't know yet what it can do but the potential is tremendous. Once I discovered the hands free capabilities and freedom to bring it everywhere, I dumped my iPhone so fast that Steve Jobs coughed in heaven."

    - Veronica Grey, aka The Surf Lady. Award winning "most famous cell phone filmmaker" alive.

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  • Dominic Smith's Testimonial

    They're just so easy to use and convenient compared to competitors - I don't need to fuss around mounting them to random parts of my body or gear. They see what I see, and they don't stick out like a sore thumb which means you can capture stuff incognito.

    - Dominic Smith, Ride to Rio

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  • Matt Olinchak's Testimonial

    “Pivotheads are the best way to show people unfamiliar to my sport exactly what it is I do.”

    - Matt Olinchak

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  • Lee Shallcross's Testimonial

    “I love the design style and covert capabilities of the kit. As well as allowing me to do what I normally do, hands free while looking good! Also like the styles to suit my mood, and the lenses to suit the envoironment. Pivothead allows people to get low and fast right down with me, where I am - tucked in and full throttle.”

    - Lee Shallcross

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  • Tod Mesirow's Testimonial

    "In the years of making television about real people doing real things - like building breweries on the back of fire trucks on Monster Garage, or wakeboarding behind a cruise ship on Mythbusters, or pushing a car out of an airplane at 15,000 feet on the Top Gear pilot, I've always wanted to be able to film the exact point of view of the people doing these crazy things. now Pivothead has made that possible. love these cameras."

    - Tod Mesirow, Creator, showrunner - Mythbusters, Monster Garage, Wired Science, Ultimate Car Build Off

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Donald Mahoney: Donnie Does China

Pivothead Pro Profile

A) Name: Donald Mahoney

B)  Favorite model of Pivotheads: Durango Glacier Blue

C)  Pivothead Pro worthy skill(s):  Getting Really Drunk, Cultural Exploration, Boating, Spelunking

D)  Favorite non-Pivothead gadget: Condoms

E)  Nationality: American

      Education: Made It through Junior Year Of High School

F)  Favorite food:  Crab Rangoon’s

     Favorite drink: Busch Light Bottles, Twisted Teas

     Favorite restaurant: Panda Express

G)  Favorite actor/actress: Mark Whalberg

      Favorite movie: Mulan

      Favorite book: Oh the Places you’ll go

      Favorite TV show: Trailer Park Boys

H)  My idol: Mark Whalberg

      Favorite athlete: Gilbert Arenas, Marcus Landry, Larry Bird

      Favorite artist: Mark Whalberg

      Favorite entertainer: Mark Whalberg

I)    Favorite sports team: New England Patriots

      Favorite band/Entertainer: Aeorosmith

      Favorite song: Back Way Back - Stu E Sipps, Official ""Donnie Does China"" Theme Song

J)   Favorite city: Boston

      Favorite travel destination: Cape Cod

K)  Pet peeve: Blacking Out

     Biggest fear:  Never Getting Back To the States

     Most embarrassing moment: Going Out for a Drink in My Celtics Jersey and Waking up Ten Hours Later Wearing an Orange Hawaiian Shirt Spooning Two Chinese Dudes in A Flower Bed.

L)  Proudest moment: Getting the Unsung Hero Award on My Jv Football Squad

     Greatest accomplishment: Becoming the General Manager of Boston Donuts and Coffee in Chongqing China for Two Days before It Went out Of Business

     Greatest adventure: Blacking Out at Logan Airport in Boston and Waking up in Shanghai

M)  Short term ambition/goal: Save up Enough Money for a Plane Ticket Back To Boston

       Long term ambition/goal: Get Outta Fuckin China!

N)  Biggest thrill in life: Getting Drunk and Watching Celtics Playoffs Games in Starbucks as They Have the Best Wi-Fi in China

      Favorite hobby: Drinking, Hippo Mode: The Act of Chilling in a Pool All Day and Not Doing Shit

      Biggest risk I ever took: Putting Two Hundred Kuai on the Shanghai Sharks Beating the Fujian Xx That Was the Last of My Money, Luckily the Sharks Came through for Me Big Time.

O)  Claim to fame: I gave Chinese kindergarteners the gift of Boston sports knowledge. I share my plight of being stuck in china trying to get home with the world.

      Little known fact/secret about me: I Don’t Know How to Use Chopsticks

P)  Why I use Pivotheads: To Remember What I Did When I Get Blackout Drunk

     Coolest thing about Pivotheads: They Let People See the Shit I’m going through in China through My Own Eyes

     How does Pivothead allow me to convey my POV: They Help Convey My Pov While Blackout Drunk Which I Otherwise Would Not Remember?

Q) Favorite quote: I'd Rather Be off the Beaten Path than on the Path Beating Off" - Myself

R)  Link(s) to my website/blog: Shpandaxpress.Com

S)  YouTube channel Link: Shanghai Schwale

      Facebook Page: Donnie Does China

     Twitter Link: @Donniedoeschina