Dr. Roy R. Withers Testimonial

Posted by Pivothead on Nov 21, 2012 under

"When it comes to products and services, I'm the toughest customer to satisfy. It's fair to say that I go into any purchase with the preconceived notion that something will disappoint me. I must admit, I was afraid to get my hopes up. And then my glasses arrived...

I can't tell you how thrilled I am with everything. The extremely high quality of the product itself, beautiful packaging, quick and easy order processing via PayPal, rapid FedEx delivery, the website tutorials, product descriptions and accompanying control software are ALL beyond my wildest expectations.

I value my eyesight, and for the last 32 years, have regularly purchased high quality polarized glasses for all my outdoor activities. I am VERY pleased with the quality of these lenses. they are on par with the best quality lenses I've ever owned.

In conclusion, If I were asked to rank my purchase experience with Pivothead, on a scale of 1 to 5 stars.... I'd give them a 6.

Thank you and congratulation ladies and gentlemen of Pivothead Video Recording Eyewear. You've shot for the stars... and hit them."

Sincerely, Dr. Roy R. Withers Chiropractor, Professor of Human Biology, Writer, Motorsports Enthusiast, and now... Fellow Pivothead!